Alastair Smith

Alastair Smith

Partner, Platform

Alastair is a partner at Platform, a property development company whose founders worked together for over a decade as the core development delivery team at More London. Platform can lead the delivery of any development, assisting from inception onwards by giving shape to the process and providing a range of services including:

  • Development of a project vision
  • Formulation of the delivery plan
  • Negotiation of development agreements
  • Appointment of the professional team
  • Negotiation of planning consents and agreements
  • Preparation of the procurement strategy
  • Control and management of the construction process
  • Completion, handover and project close-out
  • Implementation of a property management regime

Every stage in the development process, from inception to completion, receives the same care and attention to detail, never losing sight of the primary objectives, or the interests of the stakeholders. We can deliver a rich diversity of building types in new, refurbished or existing structures, be they shell-and-core, Category A, or fully-fitted, from headquarters buildings and multi-tenanted, flexible office-space to shops, hotels, theatres and accommodation for public bodies.

Regardless of scale, complexity or range of accommodation provided, Platform ensures that each project has a procurement method specifically designed to achieve the desired results, allowing the development to proceed logically and smoothly to completion. Whether single buildings or multiple structures, we deliver our projects with the passion for quality that is Platform’s distinguishing feature.